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Family CFO & Strategist

Retirement Planning

Getting you to a comfortable retirement and keeping your comfortably retired.

We do this by securing your required income and growing your portfolio. Learn More

Intelligent Debt

Most people want to pay down their debt fast and they should!

Let’s do this intelligently and see if we can get the debt to pay itself down! Learn More

Luxury Homes

Trevor Dale, CFA is a certified Luxury Home Mortgage Advisor who specializes in financing luxury homes.

There are many solutions for multi-million dollar purchases, refinances and renewals. Mr. Dale works with many banks, credit unions, trust companies and private capital. Learn More

Commercial Lending

Land Acquisition financing, Construction Financing, Purchase Financing, 100% financing, Equity Take out, Refinance, Investment Property, Short Term Lending – bridge & Gap.

Industrial, apartment, office, retail, multi-use and environmental are some examples. Learn More

Family CFO & Strategist:

When your needs are complex: simplicity and integration is what we do.

Wealth management doesn’t have to be overwhelming nor complicated. We review all aspects of your financial and human capital to expertly guide you to achieving your goals through our goals-based wealth management process.

This is a dynamic plan that grows with you as you grow.

Tax-efficient investment solutions, mortgage debt integration, retirement optimization, wealth maximization, investment and commercial property financing and estate planning are only some of the benefits of hiring TK Dale.

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Monthly November 2019

Monthly November 2019

The markets can be interesting with the Canadian TSX and US S&P500 both up around 3.4% in October, the US index was up 25.3% and the Canadian index was up 18.97% for the year until Nov. 30,2019 not including dividends. It is important to look both at the short and...

Monthly October 2019

Monthly October 2019

Halloween finished up and I can't help but wonder if Trump and China are both putting on masks to have better rhetoric but lack substance and follow through. With the election coming up I also wonder if Trump will look for a deal that lacks the follow through of his...

Return Expectations

Return Expectations

Let's start this conversation with as of October 17, 2019 that US and Canadian central bank interest rates are below 2%.  This is known as the risk free rate. Premiums are built on top of this. Liquidity, credit risk, volatility in revenue, tenure, experience, time,...

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