This interview is with Michele Caranci, a realtor with Right at Home Realty covering most of Ontario. She’s sold everything from single family homes, to cottages, condos and assignments on new build homes.

My biggest take aways from the conversation are:

  1. Take action
  2. Get help from someone to narrow your time and stress (it doesn’t have to cost anything)
  3. Make sure that the person helping you is a good fit for your goal

Michele has two university degrees and was raised in a real estate environment. As a child, rather than playing “eye spy” she played “guess the value of the house”.

Her mom is a realtor and she works with her. She loves this because she gets to spend time with her mom while she works. Together they make The Jewel Home Team.

My biggest take away is that for anyone buying a home for the first time or even if you haven’t moved in a while you can do two things to remove the stress. First is to ask for help from a professional who knows the market, the rules, the procedures and your likes. Second is to find a professional that is a fit for you.

I can’t stress this enough. If there is a fit of personality then things will most likely go well because of an enhanced level of communication. That in turn will work out to better advice which will save you time, stress and frustration.

One overarching theme of this interview is to take action. I see so many people dream and never act. I live a life that when I get clear on what I want, then I go for it. Why wait? Have the discussions, explore and make a decision. It’s better to come to an understanding and make a decision quickly than to avoid it and not getting what you want. Take Action.

Michele uses the analogy of going through the mountain and not around it. Don’t take the long way around. Take the efficient way to the other side.

This means that once you’ve decided that moving may be in your future then explore it and explore with the help of a professional. Make sure that there’s a fit and move forward to make that desire a reality.

Michele’s blend of listening and understanding is what sets her apart. She really takes the time to understand what you are thinking.

Michele has a unique approach to selling real estate. She previews all the homes in the area when they come on the market so that when she talks with her clients she can quickly cut out houses that don’t fit. This is a big time saver.

When my wife and I bought our first house we viewed around 30 houses and we felt overwhelmed, stressed and couldn’t remember what was different from #17 to #27. They all started to blend together. I’m a big fan of having a realtor get to know me and my preferences so that I only view the most likely properties. It saves me time and stress.

One thing you won’t find in the interview is that she has a certificate in Geographic Information Systems. Basically this is mixing data with a physical environment and helped York Region develop plans in 3D.

I hope you find this interview interesting and helpful.

We did the interview at the Right at Home Realty office at 16850 Yonge St., Newmarket which is a beautiful new office with lots of room to meet. It’s also accessible being just north of Mulock.

A big thank you Michele for being on the show and the Right at Home Realty office in Newmarket for filming on location. Michele can be found online at: