Financial plans are at the core of what we do however in reality, plans are what we do all over our lives? So why don’t we have a financial plan? We plan to get to work on time, we plan to get our kids to school. We plan to get a new job. We make social plans and movie plans. We plan vacations and yet we lack financial plans. They are simple and should be done by everyone. Having some sort of a plan is necessary to tracking and making progress. Progress is what we are all after. Without progress and direction we are lost. We are confused. We feel chaos in our decision making and it causes conflict with the people involved… usually a spouse.
The plan doesn’t have to be a source of pain. It can be a source of freedom and power. Making decisions and setting out to achieve those plans can be very rewarding and making sure that you and your spouse are on the same page is a source of pride and feeling of success. Unity is often overlooked in this plan, but not in ours. We work this as any company would map out their future. YOU are the business. YOU are the one who depends on this. You may have kids and other people that depend on you. Perhaps they are heading to post secondary school or are already in university or college. Your success should pave the way for them to follow and succeed behind you only to take over your legacy.