In this episode Trevor Dale talks about how having an offensive mindset financially is better than having a defensive mindset.

The best defense is a good offense.

Let’s think about the hockey team who plays a defensive game and in the last period the score is 0-0. The team loses a key player and they become exhausted. Then the other team scores just one point and they lose the game.

This is the same as trying to save yourself to prosperity. You can only reduce your expenses to zero but at some point to raise your standard of living you will have to go on the offense. You can’t change your financial outcome by purely reducing costs. 

You stay up late at night thinking about how to get more money from this rock and hard place you find yourself in. You argue with your spouse about spending and things are difficult.

Now imagine playing an offensive game. You’re up 5-0 and the same scenario happens where you lose a key player and your team becomes exhausted. Now in this case the other team scores one goal and you still win. The other team perhaps scores 3 goals and you still win. By playing offense, you give yourself a moat to protect yourself.

In the podcast Trevor talks about ways to do this and has one simple action to take.

Get after it!