Host Trevor Dale interviews lawyer Mark Epstein in the video below. Mark is a lawyer with offices in Barrie, Newmarket, Vaughan and Mississauga Ontario. Our focus in this episode was on real estate law however his practice covers family law, wills and estates, divorce, criminal law, corporate law and civil litigation.

The most amazing thing about the conversation is how it highlighted the bridges between the various areas of law. Real estate, family, inheritance, pre and post nuptials, these are all things that should be considered and our conversation weaves them all together.

This is a rare inside look into what a legal conversation could encompass when it comes to real estate.

This is a MUST WATCH episode!

We cover topics that include:

  • Buying a new construction home
  • Buying a pre-existing home
  • The buying process
  • What happens behind the scenes
  • Selling a new construction home prior to taking possession (assignment)
  • Discrepancies after you buy a house – what’s included and what’s not
  • Tarion warranty
  • Divorce, wills, power of attorney
  • Share ownership of a house and divorce
  • When funding from a lender falls through
  • Joint title
  • Pre and post nuptials (marriage contracts)
  • Inheritance

Mark’s offices can be found at:

Thank you to Mark for sharing this valuable information.