Trevor Dale talks about a better way to set financial targets and some of the areas that are being missed when creating a financial plan.

The Financial Plan is useless without having a goal and that goal is useless without a strong reason to have that goal that is in line with who you truly are.

This gets complicated when you are married and want to live a life that is full of passion with who you are as an individual but now you also have to create a future that does the same thing for your spouse.

Once you and your spouse are clear on what you would like as individuals, then comes the task of creating a future that gives you what you both want as individuals while also having goals that that are harmonious with each other.

You need to learn to communicate to be true to who you are and also encourage your spouse to be true to who they are and then build together.

Finding yourself can be assisted with taking the Color Code Test ( and then reflecting on who you are as an individual.

Next step is to share this with your spouse. This may open an area that may have conflict however we need to learn and create a safe place to communicate for each other.

To do this I recommend the book “Crucial Conversations” by Patterson, Grenny, McMillan and Switzler.

This helps aid the conversation for each other and creates the AND future.

The AND future is a future where you get what you want out of life AND your spouse ALSO gets what they want.

My wife desires stability, security and predictability while I prefer variability, growth and spontaneity.

While creating my own company I had to go through the process of giving her stability and predictability by setting fixed client hours in the evenings and weekends and giving notice for changes. I was also clear about our financial situation and provided as much security and contingency planning as possible.

This allowed me to create a reality where I got to start my own company while providing the consistency that my wife desired.

There is no right or wrong way to live life as we are all different people with natural tendencies. The beautiful part of life is when we all live together with love and respect for each other.

This starts with the individual doing the hard work on themselves first and then learning to communicate and work with others at a level that you never saw possible before.

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