Trevor Dale discusses how his 4am runs are solo but there is team collaboration and competition is a team environment. Similar to your finances that 90% of the work is solo but that crucial 10% is a team effort.

Just like the training runs, watching your spending, bringing your lunch (I don’t care if you’re a CEO) and reviewing expenses are something all companies do and so should you! These are the solo activities that need to be done.

Further you should take at least one industry course every single year to improve your marketability. AGAIN, I don’t care if you’re a CEO. You better have an updated LinkedIn page and you should always be connecting with people who will help you in one of two ways:

  1. Help you if you are ever fired/downsized/whatever you call it, you’re out of a job which wasn’t planned. This is defense, playing it as it comes to you.
  2. You look for a higher paying job that allows you to grow and develop your skills. This is offense, actively seeking to increase the income that you make.

So much of this work is done solo but having a solid team under you can help you to brain storm ideas and stay focused. It helps to have someone to call in for advice in the event of something unexpected.

The team also acts as your specialists that you can deploy when these aren’t your core strengths.

Do you have an in depth and high level of expertise inside the markets? Do you have an expertise at helping people develop their financial goals and then executing on a plan to get them there?

We do, that’s why we’re your team and act as the CFO to your family with you and your spouse acting as co-CEO’s.

Remember our principles:

  1. Clarity is key
    Specificity over generality
    Fact based decisions
    Offense vs defense

Call us to get clear and on the offense with your future.

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