Trevor Dale, founder of TK Dale Wealth Management, talks about how people are constantly looking for a newer, better, alternate future.

In doing so they give up what they worked so hard for and lack the commitment to make things happen that are truly on the verge of success. Yet the same relationship that they are going through divorce, the weight loss program that they say doesn’t work and the financial plan that they are giving up on is the same characteristic. In essence they are giving up on themselves.

It is said that how we do one thing is how we do everything.

For years, my neighbors’ lawns have looked better than mine. Why? Because I didn’t care. I don’t want a lawn and I don’t put in the effort. It shows. It is a reflection of my commitment to an amazing lawn and there are other areas of my life that this happens too. My wife says that I have two speeds: idle and 200%. When I move, I move fast.

This weekend I got in 4 yards of soil, seeded the entire lawn in a major way and pulled out EVERY-LAST-WEED in that lawn. EVERY-SINGLE-WEED. For hours I declared war on my lawn and it hurts. I have the sore muscles and sunburn as evidence. War scars.

Very soon, I will have the best and greenest lawn on the street. No longer will I look on the other side to see a greener lawn. I put in the work to my own lawn and I will have the greenest.

The grass is greener where you put in the work.

The difference is that when it comes to money so many people treat their bank accounts the way I treat my lawn.

I did too. I didn’t worry about how much I was saving and went on the defense thinking that my savings levels were adequate but not knowing what they meant in the grand scheme of things.

I didn’t coordinate with my wife on our financial plan… or lack thereof. I was uncertain and insecure of what retirement would look like.

The grass was greener on the side.

Then I got serious about things. I started to build a future plan. I got a better understanding of what things meant. I consulted professionals. I watched my spending. I reduced my expenses by $1,000 per month. That’s right, $1,000 per month. That’s almost $20,000 of pre-tax earnings per year.

It allowed me to save enough to start this company, it reduced my cash burn so that I had a long runway and it gave me clarity on where my money was going.

I felt good about my finances as I put myself in the position to live my dreams by running my own wealth management company.

My wife and I were coordinated and on the same page. We were unified because I had clarity and understanding. This new found control brought benefits all over my life.

It was because I had put in the work. I put in the and no longer was the grass greener on the other side. It was greener where I put in the work.