Trevor Dale, founder of TK Dale Wealth Management, discusses how there is no one single magic bullet that will solve all of your problems.

Inside of TK Dale Wealth we have marketing, sales and client satisfaction. Without people don’t know who we are. Without sales, people don’t know what we do. Without client satisfaction, people won’t refer us or stay our clients for very long.

Most business owners hope that there is something magical that they can get that will drive in new customers and this is a recipe for disaster and failure. It takes hard work and dedication to operating at an elite level consistently in all three ares.

Just like your finances, you need to constantly be looking for ways to make more money, reduce the amount you spend so you can save more and look for optimal ways for that money to make more money.

There is no silver bullet to becoming wealthy and staying wealthy. Not even a winning lottery ticket will save you unless you instill the right habits. No, I don’t care if you are a CEO or a minimum wage employee. These principles are the same for everyone including myself.

Tactically, always have an up to date LinkedIn profile and be networking even if you are intending on staying with your current company for life.

Review your bank and credit card statements at least monthly to find inefficiencies and cut spending on things that don’t bring value into your lives.

Lastly, have conversations that reduce fees and increase returns while giving you the planning and advice that you need.

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