Trevor Dale, founder of TK Dale Wealth Management, talks about how the blood taking, urine samples, in depth medical questionnaire and hassle of coordinating a rep to visit the home is more than they’re willing to go through.

Telling someone how much they weigh, their height and medical history can be overwhelming. Perhaps it’s a pre-existing medical condition.

This causes people to avoid putting in coverage to protect their family which leaves them exposed.

For example if two people are on a mortgage then when a borrower dies, the lender will say I’m sorry for your loss, we need to do a credit application.

You now need to qualify to get the mortgage on your own and in most cases it requires two incomes to service the mortgage. If you can’t requalify for the mortgage then you will be forced to find another lender or sell.

Selling at a time when the family is already grieving is not something that I would wish for a family, particularly with kids.

Not putting risk mitigation in place causes this slow nagging feeling and will linger with you. Further your spouse will know that they are exposed and wonder why you haven’t done anything about it yet, even if they haven’t said anything out loud.

This will compound the stress and ultimately causes people to revert to eating potato chips while watching Netflix every night.

One great solution is a no medical insurance policy.

Imagine having the peace of mind knowing that your spouse is covered off on any financial risks and your family is provided for in a time of need. You’ve made sure that they are good and that feels good in itself.

Further you can share this with your spouse and they can sleep easier. They respect you and appreciate you for having put such an essential part of estate planning into place, even though you resisted it for years.

As a result you communicate better and go out for walks or take a fitness class together rather than watching Netflix and eating potato chips like you did when you didn’t deal with your insurance.

A no medical insurance policy is a perfect if someone has a pre-existing condition or doesn’t want to go through the process of a full underwriting for an insurance policy.

You go through a short online questionnaire to see if you qualify, what coverage you qualify for and how much coverage.

It’s simple, easy and confidential. It only takes a few minutes and coverage can be in place within a few days.

No medical exam necessary.

Contact us to find out how to get this done.

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