I live in a retired neighborhood, most of the lawns are pristine. They look fantastic. They’re green, they’re well manicured, there’s not a lot of weeds. They look good. After it’s rained and you get a nice sunny day afterwards, everything is gorgeous, nice grown-in trees. Our neighbors have been here for 30 years and, like I said, most of them are retired. Well, that is fantastic, until you get to my property. You see, the problem with my property is that when you get to my property, it looks like no one lives there and barely tries to take care of their lawn. Not to say I don’t take care of it, I cut my grass every week. I fertilize it, I add in some seed. I just don’t care, I would rather outsource this than I would actually do it. It’s a lot of work. I don’t like the winter but I would rather shovel my driveway a couple of times a year, spend maybe a total of five hours over the winter taking care of my driveway and sidewalk. Not a big deal. But here I am in the summer, it’s hot, it’s got to be done weekly whether I want to or not and I’ve got to make sure that I find time to cut my grass and take care of it. I’ve got to weed it, I’ve got so much work I’m almost ready to pave the thing. I finally got fed up. I said, “you know what, this year I am going to have a fantastic lawn and I am going to go out and make sure that I do what I got to do to make sure that my lawn looks good”. Now, I’m not going to try and compete with these retirees who have been here 30 years and have all the time on their hands and don’t have to work. I get it. And they can do that stuff because that’s how they keep busy and, yes, they are busier in retirement than they were in work. They are keeping busy with all the things that I’m supposed to do that I can’t actually do. So, how am I supposed to keep up with these people? Great friends, I love them to pieces but look, our lawns look different and there is a reason for it. They take care of their lawns. Now, I decided, “you know what, this year I’m going to go ahead and I’m going to have a good looking lawn.” I went and I ordered myself not one, but four yards of soil. Four yards! You know how big that is? I moved it all myself, I raked my lawn, I got it all together, I put down some seed, I put down topsoil all over the place, topped up the gardens, figured it was fresh, primed, ready to go. I had a week at home and I watered it regularly, stuff started to come up. I go away for five days to LA and I come back and this thing still looks a little bare. It’s got patches of dirt all over the place that stuff has not started to grow through yet. It’s got weeds that are coming back. And the army of weeds that I am talking about is this. https://youtu.be/9NQLcLaBGvU This army of weeds, it’s got me so fired up, I decided to go and talk about it today. Army of weeds is attacking. It’s not the old-growth because I pulled up a garbage bag full of weeds, I got rid of them all. I figured, yes, I am ahead of the game, finally ahead of the game and I can just sit back and coast. I’m hoping to sit back and just coast for a couple of weeks and maybe just water my lawn and cut it because it’s growing so well because it ‘s got all the nutrients that it needs and it’s got a lot of water. I figured, hey, it’s going to be fantastic. Well, here it is, all these new weeds are coming up and it is just bugging me like crazy. As I realize that one of my previous podcasts I did, the grass is not greener on the other side, it is greener where you tend to it. I realized, even though I think I’ve got a home free of weeds, that I can just sit back and relax. What I actually need to do is go and weed my lawn again even though I just spent almost two days doing it. It’s frustrating. The lesson learned is constantly putting in consistent work. If you’re not putting in consistent work, I’m not going to get the results. If I do it, perfect. I’ll get the results and it shows. I’ve done that inside running, I’ve done it inside business, running my own company. I’ve done it inside my marriage. Now, I’m not doing it to my lawn and it shows. I know that when I do the work this year that my lawn will look amazing next year. Yes it’s a process but the rewards are so great. I envision my kids running around the lawn in bare fee. A lush green look and the envy of my street saying “I remember when your lawn looked like the desert”. Yes, that’ll show them. The hard work today for the greener pasture tomorrow. I can almost smell it and will even look forward to cutting my lawn. I am going to ask you a question and what I want you to do next is think about one area in your life that you are not consistently tending to. Is it your lawn? Is it your investment portfolio where you don’t have an actual grasp on things? Is it your family, perhaps? Where is this one area that you’re not actually thinking about and tending to on a regular basis? So, identify that one thing, write it in a journal and try and make an effort over the next week to consistently hit that, over the next month perhaps. But think about that and see what we can do. Should you find yourself in need of help financially in preparing for retirement or otherwise please reach out on the contact us page.