Trevor Dale was canvassing the neighborhood and saw some amazing skies with the clouds providing a white marbling amongst the rich blue skies. Trevor talks about a gentleman that is retiring in the next two years.

I met this gentleman who is retiring in two years. He is similar to a number of other clients that I have and would likely have the same questions that they did. You can watch the episode at the bottom of this page or listen to it on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play and Stitcher.

First is how much retirement income he can generate.

Second, how long will it last.

What factors go into this such as returns and volatility.

How do you protect against downturns in the stock market?

I myself have gone from what I call the Develop phase of life to the Dividend phase of life when I started my company. It was about knowing what I had, what I needed and how to generate enough income to support me while I built the business.

One of the things I did was get very clear about what I wanted in life. Was this really what I wanted? It hit ALL of the life desires.

How much did I need? I guaged what others would need and then adjusted for my own circumstances.

I found out what I had in terms of assets and started to prepare them.

I changed my cash flows and budgeting which I should I have done a long time prior.

I cut almost $1,000 per month from expenses and was ruthless on things that didn’t bring value into our lives.

It is about focusing on things that matter and bringing richness and certainty into my life.

As I helped myself and my clients prepare for retirement I move forward we came up with a codified system of principles and production that fit each stage of life.

I want you to find one thing that you can do to make a change that brings more meaningfulness and richness into your life. Try cutting something out. It can be extremely liberating.

Until next time,