Retirement Acceleration Syndrome is when someone expects to retire in the next 5-10 years and every day that goes by, they think about retirement more… more leaving them focused on getting OUT of a job rather than focusing ON their job.

The want to accelerate their retirement plans the closer they get to retirement.

Yes, I made up the term, but it’s a great way to put a name on something that happens. I’ve seen it happen a number of times. 30+ years is a long time to work. I get it. You’ve earned the golden parachute.

You’ve worked hard and climbed the corporate ladder. You’ve been saving all these years even though it was tough, you did it!

You’d rather be golfing in Florida or hanging out in Arizona. Perhaps Mexico is in the cards. This the what the people I know want to do.

Sounds amazing!

Now what?

You need to start to prepare and our four phases backed by four principles are the guideline to building your retirement.

Acknowledge – Clarity is Key

The first phase is to acknowledge that you need help and then you can start the process of designing your future.

You start to design your future by becoming clear about your current situation and what it is that you want out of life.

This stuff is a little much but you have to spend some time thinking about what your retirement would look like in a perfect world. Not the world where if money wasn’t an issue but a world that had meaning and significance and one that would leave you feeling satisfied at the end of most days.

This takes a little dreaming.

Assess – Specificity vs Generality

The next phase is to do a deep dive into your financial situation and assess where you are today and what is required for tomorrow.

Now that you have clarity over what you want out of life, you can start to design a future in which is detailed out. How much money will you require? Where will you live? What emergencies do you want to plan for?

What exactly do you have for assets? What is your income? What is your bonus like? Do you have medical and dental benefits? Will they continue into retirement? Do you have pensions? If you take them early, what will the cash flows be? Who are your beneficiaries?

Be overly detailed and specific.

Action – Fact Based Decisions

Now that you know exactly what is required. You can start to plan for straight line scenarios where not much changes and also some variables.

Now that you’re clear you can cut expenses that don’t bring you true happiness in life. You’re going to have to do some reflecting again here.

Now that you know what type of income you will have and the time frame until you need that cash flow, you can begin to plan out an asset allocation.

How much in bonds? How much in stocks? How much in cash?

Use these details of income to start to figure out how much in bonds. We take the required cash flow per year, factor in inflation and use the present value to come up with the amount we need in bonds. We use a 7-9 year time frame to quantify this lump sum. ***Seek the help of a licensed professional, this is not individual advice and will vary from person to person.

From here the types of stocks and bonds can be derived.

Will you keep two cars or go down to one? Will you downsize and when? Will you move to the cottage full time?

Again – Offense vs Defense

This phase is about making moves. It’s about doing things that move the needle. Things that will slowly, or quickly, make a difference. This also requires a shift in mindset.

You must change the way you think. You must change the way you look at the things that have been in your life for a long time. Figure out if they bring you value and happiness and set your bar high.

The higher the bar, the richer the items and actions you will have in your life.

Have a $15/month expense that doesn’t make you truly happy? Cut it?

On the bigger front, maybe a promotion or job is in the cards. Change the way you think of things and go about life as if you were a company or a sports team trying to win every quarter or every game.

One Thing

So you’ve seen our secret sauce. You’ve gotten a taste for what it is like. What are your thoughts?

Did you find yourself thinking about one area in particular?

Go back to that area and make a change for the better. Make that change in the next 24 hours. Commit to the change and make things happen.

So if you find yourself with Retirement Acceleration Syndrome, start making moves and with the help of an amazing wealth manager, together you can likely retire earlier than you had planned.

About TK Dale Wealth Management

No matter the life stage that you’re in, I call them the develop, dividend and destiny phases, I go through these four steps constantly with clients and I formalize this inside each of the life phases.

It’s good to constantly review and this is part of doing a household board meeting. Talking with your spouse regularly or even just knowing the numbers yourself will help to make small changes compounded over time to make big changes.

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