There are three foundations of this the Hierarch of Wealth: Own, Outsource and Outlier

The first foundation, Own, is about wealth that you as an individual directly control. This is your employment or self employment income. This is when you are making money. You have control over this to some extent and it is your efforts that generate the return on the time and energy invested.

The Own foundation funds the Outsource foundation. The Own foundation is cash coming in.

The Outsource foundation is when you have earned and saved money and then are using someone other than yourself to generate more wealth.

This includes your investments, real estate and when you become the bank and lend money out.

This phase grows the money that you already have and is the second of the two foundations that affect your wealth with the most control.

The third foundation is one where you have very little control. This refers to inheritance.

Whether it is the inheritance that you leave others or someone else leaves you, normally we do not have much certainty as to the timing of exchange in this area of wealth and that is why it is called an outlier.

Armed with this new perspective you can start to use it to your advantage to increase your overall wealth and rethink the actions that you take inside your life that make you wealthier.