Have you ever had a time when you wished that you had help?

This morning I asked for my wife’s help with drop off of one of the kids. I don’t like to ask more of her as she already does so much for our family however time dictated that I would be better off with some help. The opportunity also presented itself that she may be able to help.

So I asked. She said yes but it made me wonder where else in my life am I not asking for help? Where else am I not leaning on resources that could make my life easier and better?

I thought about it and it happens all over the place where I tend to do things myself. Whether it comes to running the business, working with my teams, at home with the kids, I workout alone most of the time. Meditation is obviously done in quiet but is traditionally alone.

I’d like to ask you the same question. Where in your life are you not asking for help?

How can your life move faster or become easier with the help of another person?

Is it by consulting a personal trainer? Getting more help with the family? Sending your wife on a spa day or your husband to the golf course?

Perhaps it’s talking to that head hunter that you were looking to speak with but don’t know how to make your next move.

I’ll have you consider that there are areas inside of your finances that require help to push you to the next level. To move things along faster.

Where inside of your finances would it help to have a specialist?

Ask yourself, why do I stay with my current mortgage professional? Why do I work with my current financial advisor?

What would I like to happen faster? What would a better outcome look, feel and sound like?

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Until next time,

Trevor Dale, CFA