So many times we operate day to day on the status quo. It is a survival mechanism that makes our lives easier. 

We look to build on what we do so that we don’t have to rethink every single move.

We build big things off of this including our current jobs, spouse, family, finances and where you live.

It is scary to change these foundations in life that bring us safety, security and comfort.

Today I’m announcing that I will be running a 175km around Lake Simcoe, Ontario, Canada.

This is something that gets me outside my comfort zone and forces me to change both physically and mentally. 

Building the ability to run for 24+ hours is not just a physical feat. It is a mental feat.

There is nothing exciting about a 5 hour run. At some point I just want to sit down and watch some TV.

But this translates over to work and everything else. 

Paying attention to people for long periods of time when social media is training me to have a short attention span helps.

It helps with my clients, it helps with my family and it helps when I’m working on a project and it’s going to take several hours of sitting behind a computer.

Before when sitting that long was possible but not preferred, now the time flies until the project is complete.

This isn’t about a physical feat as it is about changing what I thought was possible. It’s about not holding myself back anymore. It’s about realizing my full potential one day.

In this podcast I talk about the rocking chair method to make decisions.

I talk about some of the headwinds and struggles I face from the people closest to me.

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