This past weekend I set out to run from midnight until sunrise. It was a long run but I was up for the challenge… or so I thought.

I was camping at Mosport Racetrack (now Canadian Tire Motorsport Speedway) and you camp right beside the track itself. It’s a really fun experience and to watch the superbike motorcycles race all weekend is a lot of fun.

The time with friends, some who I haven’t seen in two years was also great.

My goal was to get there on Friday night, setup, hang out and when everyone else went to bed, I would put on my running gear, grab some water and food and run until sunrise.

12:30am: Everyone was off to bed and I left for my run.
2:30am: I start getting a little tired
2:45am: I start to get bored… really bored but the risk of running across an animal prevented me from enjoying some music on my headphones as I wanted to maintain maximum situational awareness.
3:00am: I said to myself one more lap
3:30am: I said one more lap
4:00am: I told myself the story that I would be in better shape and more fun to be around if I had a couple of hours sleep rather than running right until everyone got up.

I had a great weekend after that but was left wondering why I was so quick to give up.

Did I lack the commitment to complete what I set out to do or did I set the wrong goal that wasn’t anchored with enough feeling.

It’s one thing to set goals while you’re in a good place looking into the darkness, but when you’re in the darkness, it is easy to start looking for easier times.

It made me wonder where else in my life am I doing this?

Am I choosing to save enough? Am I able to be disciplined enough to say no to the spend? Do I have a good enough reason to say no?

What are my financial goals? Are they important to me? When I find myself on a budget and working towards something is that enough for me to stick to the plan?

How about that trip we’re going on early next year. Have I attacked all the items that need to get done with the same speed that I do everything else or am I procrastinating and looking for an easier route?

My question to you is: Did I lack commitment to run until sunrise or did the goal of running until sunrise not have enough meaning?

You may already know that I’m doing a 175km run around Lake Simcoe on September 14 & 15 2019 and this is the prep for it.

Until next time,
Trevor Dale, CFA
Founder, TK Dale Wealth Management