As a financial professional I am often asked about investments, insurance, debt, taxes and legal issues.

While I am well versed on most issues I have limitations to the extent that I can advise.

But at what point should you contact each professional?

Having quality advice is incredibly important but each has a limit. 

As a financial professional I can advise how RRSP’s, RRIF’s, TFSA’s, non registered funds, insurance contracts, debt and segregated funds, stocks, bonds and more affect income but when it comes to how much in taxes you will have to pay then an accountant is best to use.

When you want to run scenarios about income levels you will need to consult an accountant.

I can advise on how an RRSP, RRIF, TFSA, insurance contract, joint assets and more affect someone’s estate but when it comes to the legal nuances as it relates to the different people affected and how to plan for your individual needs then a lawyer is most important.

Even better, when you have questions I like to coordinate with the accountant and lawyers so that I can best understand how what I’m doing is affected by what you’re doing with the accountant and lawyer.

I am happy to come to an in person meeting or be on your phone call when dealing with these other professionals.