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Professionals that look for my services are tired of being under-serviced, over-sold, and misunderstood.  They want high-level service, independent advice and a product suite that is custom tailored for them regardless of the firm. Why be limited to solutions from just one institution. You deserve an advisor that can source from multiple institutions without bias.  This is the advantage of working with The Family CFO and TK Dale Wealth Management.

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Your company has a plan, do you?

What is Private Wealth?

Private Wealth is the customization of financial products to meet the client’s needs, not providing the client to meet the product’s needs. What most people get with their advisor is an off-the-shelf solution. Private Wealth at TK Dale Wealth Management creates customized solutions with investments, cash management, borrowing, tax and insurance solutions to meet the unique need of the active professional that we are working with.

How Do I Know if Private Wealth Is Right for Me?

Private Wealth is right for a manager or executive who has built wealth, might have some unique debt repayment desires and is interested in creating efficient tax and estate solutions. If you have at least $150,000 in investable assets, earn over $200,000 family income and are looking to uniquely structure your family wealth without doing all the legwork then Private Wealth is right for you.

Do You Only Work With Senior Executives?

Most of our clients are senior level managers who have at least $500,000 in investable assets and are looking for efficient portfolio solutions, have unique borrowing needs and look to ease the tax burden of their estate. We work with the family members of our high net worth clients to help grow the younger genertions wealth and ensure a smooth transition of wealth.

We also work with up-and-comers who earn meaningful income and are actively growing their wealth. Younger professionals will have less assets and higher borrowing and protection needs. This is where we come in.

Do You Offer Ongoing Consulting Services?

We meet with our clients at least twice per year and often much more than that. Anytime there is a life change we are the people they ask the question to. Thinking of moving, parents aging, buying a cottage, starting a company, getting a promotion, changing jobs, kids going to university and preparing for retirement earlier than anticipated some of the many reasons that we talk to our clients. Anything financial and we’re on the phone.

Are You a Medical Professional?

Medical professionals have very unique financial needs. Unique lending programs are available for residents and graduates. Starting a practice can be a big process and can require a lot of consulting along the way. Selling your practice and ensuring that it is sold in a tax efficient manor is important. You run a unique business and Private Wealth is well suited for your needs.

About Trevor Dale, CFA

The Family CFO 

Trevor Dale holds the Chartered Financial Analyst designation, is the owner of TK Dale Wealth Management, licensed portfolio manager, licensed mortgage agent, life insurance broker, husband and father of two, ultra-marathon runner, former member of the Canadian Armed Forces, strong advocate for the Big Brothers Big Sisters charity and author of the upcoming book: The Family CFO’s Guide to Building Wealth. As owner and operator of his own investment portfolio management firm – TK Dale Wealth, Trevor has helped hundreds of clients achieve their wealth building goals. Trevor specializes in a wide variety of investments, financial markets and wealth strategies including real estate, working closely with executives.


What They Say About Me…

From financial plans to investments, Trevor proves his passion for wealth management by providing the best options based on current trends.

He is professional, yet personable and is considerate in ensuring your needs are met in an upfront and honest manner.” ~ J.S.

Trevor is passionate about what he does and dedicated to his clients. He is honest and genuine in all of his interactions. He is knowledgeable and progressive in how he manages investments.

He cares. I feel more confident knowing I have his support and guidance in making financial decisions.

~ N.D.

Hi Trevor,

If I didn’t thank you profusely before, thank you so much for all of the help that you gave me to start paying off my debt and get myself into financial shape!

I’ve been able to save, what I consider to be, a lot of money.

~ D.H.

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