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1pm EST


Incorporating For Realtors

Where: Zoom

For realtors considering incorporating:

  • Know the facts – Don’t get caught up in the hype
  • Understand how income personally and corporately intertwines
  • How does investing come into play?

Incorporating sounds great but there is a checklist that should happen prior to incorporating. Know the facts before making this critical decision.



1pm EST


Year End Financial Planning

Where: Zoom

What do you need to do as Dec. 31 approaches? How should you track your progress and growth?

  • Key areas to focus on
  • Setting financial priorities that increase your wealth
  • The 4 Pillars of Wealth

I use an incredible process in business and life that helps me improve and accelerate finances and business. I’ll show you how I apply this to financial planning.



7:30pm EST


Are RRSP’s Right For Me?

Where: Zoom

Many people wonder how RRSP’s affect their retirement. 

  • Should I be contributing to RRSP’s?
  • Are there alternatives?
  • How does this affect my Old Age Security?
  • What options do I have?

By joining this webinar you should know how using RRSP’s affect your retirement, what other options are available and what do I do about it are answered.


Monthly March 2021

February and March have seen an incredible rise in interest rates. No they aren’t the 15% from the 1980’s but take a look at the 5 year Government of Canada Bond Yield over the last year:{{CODEpodcastS2E7}}5 year Canadian bond yields have gone from a low of around...

December 2020 Market Update

Overall my take is that there is a lot of demand waiting to be unleashed through the form of savings and lower debt utilization. This is the tale of two worlds where service and other areas affected by forced shut-downs are suffering horribly while there are other...

November 2020 Market Update

November was an exceptionally strong month in the stock markets. Today I talk to you about: Portfolio Positioning Economic Developments Are You Wealthy? {{CODEpodcastS2E3}}November was a phenomenal month and possibly our best month ever. As the year enters the last...