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When will you retire? What will your income be? Should you really be funding an RRSP?

Find out in about three minutes.


Tell me about yourself

Answer some simple questions and I’ll do all the heavy lifting to build a plan for you.


Review your plan

With clear recommendations for what to do on a monthly basis to build the future you want.



A top tier financial advisor can help you put your plan into action faster and cheaper than anywhere else.


From financial plans to investments, Trevor proves his passion for wealth management by providing the best options based on current trends.

He is professional, yet personable and is considerate in ensuring your needs are met in an upfront and honest manner.”

~ J.S.

Trevor is passionate about what he does and dedicated to his clients. He is honest and genuine in all of his interactions. He is knowledgeable and progressive in how he manages investments.

He cares. I feel more confident knowing I have his support and guidance in making financial decisions.”

~ N.D.

“Hi Trevor,

If I didn’t thank you profusely before, thank you so much for all of the help that you gave me to start paying off my debt and get myself into financial shape!

I’ve been able to save, what I consider to be, a lot of money.”

~ D.H.

Look even smarter!

So many don’t know what to do on a monthly basis to prepare financially. Many will experience a difficult shift as kids go to school, they retire or something unexpected. Your financial plan will give you clear recommendations to optimize your investments, mortgage and insurance. People will ask YOU for advice!

Goal Setting Linked to Success (Kleingeld, et al, 2011)

Plans Increase Success

A 2015 study by Matthews showed that when people wrote down their goals, they were 33 percent more successful in achieving them than those who formulated outcomes in their heads.


Your advisor is always on call

You’re bound to have questions. Your friendly advisor is here to make sure everything makes sense and you feel good about your plan. You can make arrangement to chat with me anytime it’s convenient for you.

Still Have Questions?

What is a financial plan?

At TK Dale Wealth Management, a financial plan is the cornerstone of everything we do. It takes the complexity of life and simplifies it into a few actionable steps so you can reach a comfortable retirement and stay comfortably retired.

Is this a budget?

Not really, but we do have budgeting tools. We won’t tell you to spend less on the things that are important to you. Instead we’ll show you what your spending means for your retirement so you can choose where to spend the money to make you most happy.

How often should I update my plan?

We meet with our clients every six months to make sure that you’re still on track to reach your goals. You may however want to update it more frequently to work on your finances or when there’s something new going on such as a change in work, finances or family.

Is this plan right for me?

Your plan is fully customized based on the inputs you provided. The investment amounts and account types are designed to maximize your after-tax results. The insurance recommendations are tailored to cover your debts and replace your income. Any mortgage recommendation is calculated to meet your borrowing needs at the lowest possible cost.

What if I need to talk to someone?

Most people have questions about their plan. They understand what the numbers say and how it impacts their retirement but they need help implementing these changes. That’s where we come in. Perhaps you want to optimize your plan and have it reviewed. We do that too. I’m a professional, friendly advisor ready to talk to you by phone or email anytime.