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Bringing almost 20 years of experience in the investments industry, Trevor Dale is your Family CFO, covering everything from financial plans, retirement, portfolio management, to mortgages. 

From financial plans to investments, Trevor proves his passion for wealth management by providing the best options based on current trends.

He is professional, yet personable and is considerate in ensuring your needs are met in an upfront and honest manner. “

Trevor Dale – My Story

I had just finished university and started to work full time in a bank branch. It was a small town and was run by an experienced older branch manager and 4 seasoned veterans all my senior doing my job. Me, I was fresh out of school and thought I had just hit the jackpot. I thought the wealth of knowledge in this place was going to be huge; these people in the bank branch will give me all the secrets and skills needed to be wealthy. After all, they advise the public on how to do this.

I was shocked to learn that they didn’t have the answers I was looking for. I wanted to know how to think about money. What tools do I need to use? How do I accumulate and grow money?  I kept asking around, but it was a lot of, “do what you think is right,” and “save what you can”. Ultimately I wasn’t getting a clear path: I wasn’t finding the right tools and I wasn’t getting the right mindset.

I later went on to the trade floor at the bank. It was right before the credit crisis and I found myself issuing margin calls to some of the biggest hedge funds in Canada.  There were all these wealthy people who made lots of money on the trade floor but none of them seemed to have the secret either. 

No matter where I looked, I found specialists in one area or another but none that brought it all together. I wondered how to increase my income, while saving more, growing the money that I saved and learning how and when to use debt. I always wanted to start my own firm one day and when I did I wanted to create something that bridged these gaps. I just didn’t know how at that time.

I kept searching. I signed up for the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) exams where there are three levels, less than half the people pass each level, and it’s only written twice per year.   As grueling as it was, I learned a lot from that course. No pain, no gain, right?  I learned how to manage institutional money and started to understand how the pension funds that I was working with were structuring their portfolios. I said to myself, “why am I not applying these same principles to my individual clients?”. 

I used these principles to put myself into a position where I could start my own investment firm.   I’m now able to work close to where I live, have a balanced life with my family and help the clients that I so dearly cherish. The clients and community connection is the reason that I built something locally based.

Hi, I’m Trevor Dale, founder of TK Dale Wealth Management and I’ve been in the investment industry for almost 20 years. I’ve worked for hedge funds and I’ve worked on trading floors. I hold the coveted Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation that most people who attempt it never pass. I structured my company to provide the things that I felt were missing from the financial services industry so that I could have conversations that bridged the gaps between investments, debt, real estate and insurance.  I can’t wait to work with you as your Family CFO: helping your Keep, Grow and Protect your money.

Why Work With Me?

I bridge the gaps between investments, debt, and wealth to help you achieve your financial goals.  Almost 20 years of experience in the investment industry has prepared me to handle any situation and has fine-tuned my strategy to fit each unique client.

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Qualifications & Awards

You deserve a financial advisor with the best experience, top notch qualifications, and one that makes an impact in the industry and beyond.

Education and Designations

  • Chartered Financial Analyst, CFA, designation
  • Luxury Home Mortgage Advisor
  • BA, Political Science – Laurentian University


  • Owner and Founder of TK Dale Wealth Management
  • Mortgage Agent at iBridge Capital
  • Portfolio Manager & Chief Compliance Officer at a hedge fund


  • Agency Ambassador Award, Big Brothers Big Sisters – York Region (2020)
  • 175km Ultra Run around Lake Simcoe

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